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About Thai Lotus

 Thai Lotus Restaurant was established in 2013 by a Thai couple who are intended to present authentic Thai food to be internationally famous among different cultures. They are pride to serve customer with traditional tasted of Thai like we are cooking at home. We delivered perfectly the senses of tasty to our customer, such as the sour from "lime", the heat from "Thai fresh chili", the signature aroma from "spices ", the saltiness from "fish sauce", the bitterness from "ancient herbs".

We pick the Lotus flower to be our restaurant name because Lotus flower is a symbol of

                                                                                   "FLOWER OF LIFE"

because of their associated with the cycle of life, death and, rebirth. It has been a powerful of spiritual enlightenment, purity, wisdom, new beginning, peaceful mine.

All above meaning of Lotus Flower, It is touching our heart and make us to become the fearless to start new things and overcome all obstacles on our journey toward successfulness and flourish until now.

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